The Gurus of Batgap – an alternate index

The web site is a great place to get an introduction to many contemporary spiritual guides and teachers. They are mostly focused on the “non duality”, “new age”, and mostly not affiliated to any mainstream religion.  There are 140 or so interviews at this time. With so many to choose from,  I think it’s useful to have some grouping and pointers that might help viewers and seekers to find ones that interest them. Here are links to some I liked.

  1. Adyashanti
  2. Mooji
  3. Bentinho Massaro
  4. John Sherman
  5. Scott Kiloby
  6. Gina Lake
  7. Ellie Roozdar  (second)
  8. Eli Jaxon-bear
  9. Gangaji
  10. Karen Richards
  11. Neelam
  12. Nirmala
  13. Paul Hedderman
  14. Saniel and Linda Bonder
  15. Sharon Landrith
  16. Kranti Ananta
  17. Sundance Burke
  18. Issac Shapiro
  19. Francis Bennet
  20. Joi Sharp (
  21. Benjamin Smyth
  22. Alon Halel Geva
  23. Francis Lucille
  24. Jerry Freeman
  25. Joseph Goldstein

Some amazing contemporary spiritual guides not featured in the site yet.

Byron Katie

Mata Amritanandamayi

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