Pursuit of happiness

All living beings want to be happy. Everyone wants to avoid suffering. These are some of the basic desires that directs everyone in their life, but if we look closely, we start to notice how irrational human behavior is. I say this because we bring forth the direct opposite result to what was intended and we appear to be unaware of the cause and effect of happiness and suffering.


There are those obviously wrong and misguided ones, the habitually criminal, and the bad elements who bring a lot of suffering to others and themselves, but I like to examine the generally accepted “good” and the sensible majority of the people. Most parents have expectations of how their children should act and what they should achieve. A lot of times these are unfulfilled desires of the parent projected on to the child. It may be in academics, sports or arts. We want our kids to be the best. For example, if everyone wanted their kids to be the top 10% performers, then 90% is guaranteed to be disappointed and miserable. It’s a mathematical truth and given the facts the majority are going to suffer. Yet, we don’t see the foolishness of the situation and blindly do what’s generally accepted, we encourage this ultra competitiveness in all spheres of human life.


Strangely we can see that the most miserable people are not in the poor neighborhoods, but in the richest of places. The extreme competitiveness and blind faith in material possessions to provide happiness may be causing this situation. It is high time we looked into the cause and effect of happiness and suffering. It is of highest importance that we take a closer look at reality.


The secret to happiness and cause of suffering has been known for many thousands of years. Many societies have had a great understanding of these principles and applied them to great success. These themes have come up again and again in civilizations, like the Egyptian, the Greek, the eastern civilizations, the native Americans. Time and time again these principles and understanding were subverted, and made into mere rituals and way of dressing and made into sectarian symbols. The “dharma” was subverted and meant to mean merely “ritualistic religion”. The philosophers teachings were subverted into mere pseudo science and mental gymnastics. The gems of wisdom were found and lost again many times in many cultures. It is time that our “modern” society took a deep look into those fundamental questions.


Why is there so much misery in the midst of apparent abundance of material wealth ?


What causes suffering? Can there be suffering without pain and discomfort? And the other way, can there be pain without the suffering?


Why are some persons happy while another one is suffering, when their wealth, health and circumstances appears very similar?


Are we looking for happiness in the wrong places? Are we looking for love in the wrong places?


There is good news to those who care to seek answers to these questions. There are time tested methods to help one find the answers to these important questions. Welcome to the inquiry. 

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