Thatwamasi – a poem

Thatwamasi – The world we create


I see the beautiful image

It touched my heart

It looks so real, on the luminescent screen it feels like 3D

How have I created a whole world in this picture.


I see the sleeping child.

So peaceful, so silent

It seems like a glow radiates from his face.

I see how this space is filled with love.


I go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

The breeze gently touched me.

Do I feel the sensations because I’ve a body

Or do I have a body because of I’ve the sensations.


I hear the music.

I see the cloud moving so slowly.

Am I in this world, or is it in me.

What can I know for real.


Indeed you create the world !

And you sustain the this world !

And you dissolve this world !

Thatwamasi !


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